Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists


Taking the ASBOG Examinations in Louisiana

IMPORTANT -- PLEASE NOTE: 1) You must have pending either a Geologist-In-Training certificate application or a Professional Geologist license application; and 2) have submitted the certification or licensing fee BEFORE (or concurrently with) submitting the LBOPG Proctoring/Verification Form and fee.

Please print, complete, and submit the LBOPG Proctoring/Verification Form, along with the $25 proctoring fee for each exam you plan to take.

Professional examinations are administered through the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG). ASBOG, an umbrella organization representing the majority of states with geology or geoscience boards, sets the exam dates, and those dates are the same in every member state. The exams are given twice a year -- spring and fall, generally in mid-March and either late September or early October. Testing applications must be completed and submitted to the board in time for review prior to ASBOG's deadline for ordering exams. The board considers examination applications for the March testing date at its January meeting, so the deadline for the board to receive those applications is December 31. The board considers examination applications for the September/October testing date at its July meeting, so the deadline is the Friday prior to the board meeting in July.

Once we receive your completed application, the accompanying materials (transcripts, references), proctoring form, and both fees, your application will be reviewed by the board committee charged with that task. They, in turn, will formally recommend successful applicants to the full board at a regular meeting. The office staff will then send an exam order form to those applicants -- examination candidates -- who are approved by the full board. Candidates then send the order form along with the appropriate examination fees directly to ASBOG.

The Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists will proctor the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology examination and the ASBOG Practice of Geology examination on the next available testing date, which is Friday, October 7, 2022. For applicants to be approved to take the examinations on this date, LBOPG must receive your LBOPG Proctoring/Verification Application and fee by July 8, 2022.  For more information, please review the LBOPG Proctoring/Verification Form.

For information on ASBOG and its professional examination program, visit the ASBOG website at asbog.org.

The full process for applying to take the examinations in Louisiana follows:

  1. Complete the application online either for the full Professional Geoscientist (PG) license or for the Geoscientist-in-training (GIT) certification through LBOPG.org: Select "Apply for License" at the top of the page and follow the instructions from there;
  2. Pay the appropriate application fee ($200 for PG or $100 for GIT) either by mail or online ("Pay Online" at the top of the page);
  3. Have your transcript(s) sent directly to us from the institution(s) that granted your degree(s);
  4. Request references (this is actually a part of the application but is included as a separate step to emphasize that it is required) -- three are required for the full license, and one is required for the GIT -- through the application system (you'll need the email addresses of those people who have agreed to serve as references);
  5. Complete the proctoring form (see the link above); send the completed form and a check for the $25 proctoring fee for each exam to be taken to us at LBOPG, 9643 Brookline Avenue, Suite 101, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, or scan the completed form and email it to us at apply@lbopg.org and pay the fee online (again, "Pay Online" at the top of the page).